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About Notellica

Notellica is a smarter way to take and share notes! It allows you to take control & focus on what really matters!

Notellica is designed and developed by Keshav Narula, who is a student at San Jose State, who also happens to dislike the educational system. So to write down why he doesn't like college, he made this.

The WHY of Notellica

For designing the best and elegant environment for you to write creatively and freely, faster!

The speed of opening an app, finding the button, clicking it, typing notes, then clicking button again to save was inefficient to me. I wanted something that was quick for myself.

From the time I thought of Notellica, I always envisioned it to be simplisitic, yet at the same time have the core features I needed when I took notes.


Our team, well, just myself, is very well diversified. Our combination of UI design, as well as expertise in programming is what makes Notellica so much easy and fun to use. We believe in helping and impacting students to help them achieve their goals.

Keshav Narula


I'm the founder, the designer, the programmer, and the marketer of Notellica. Study at San Jose State — love startups and risk taking.


This application is build on NodeJS and Express and I'm using MongoDB for the database. I'm using MongooseJS in order to connect to my MongoDB database.

For the front-end, I'm currently not using a JavaScript framework, however, for v2 (which I've already began), I'm using ReactJS and Redux.

Spoiler Alert: I'm going to be using React Native to deploy Notellica as native iOS and Android app.


Having issues? Or do you have feedback? Fill out this form or reach me directly through Twitter or LinkedIn!