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Notellica is a smarter way to take and share notes! It allows you to take control & focus on what really matters!

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For designing the best experience for users to write freely, yet organizing and sharing effortlessly.

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What Notellica Offers

No Distraction Experience

Take notes in full screen so you could focus on what matters.

Night Mode

Put less stress on eyes by using Night Mode for a smooth experience.

Smart Organization

Smart colored categories help you organize your notes in a jif.

Clone & Edit Shared Notes

When you share notes, your friends could clone them instantly.

Group & Share Notes

Make categories public to allow users to view all your notes in it.

Take Control

Give colors to your notes and categories, use themes, change access, and make it yours!

Smart Search

Search smartly by using preposition such as in followed by the category name.

Star Important Notes

Star favorite notes to keep them in one place for easy access.

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